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Do you want the ultimate in hair inspiration? 
If you feel your salon work needs a “recharge” and some artistic inspiration, this course is designed especially for you. The track trains hairdressers and enriches their knowledge in women's commercial and creative haircuts.

The course presents five cutting methods in women’s 
haircuts. The course develops alight and practical approach to highly difficult cuts and is designed to develop an independent approach from the moment a cut is conceived and planned to the final hairstyle.

New Educational Program:

this Hair Cutting Course  - First Step to the world of hair design and artistry. The course gives an initial exposure to a high level of professionalism, through the use of the unique methods of haircuts developed by the Motie Rubin team.
If you feel your salon work needs a “recharge” and some artistic inspiration, this course is designed especially for you it’s time to start.

your work need a fresh perspective?

The Motie Rubin hairdressing Acedemy currently employs the best lecturers, instructors and hair stylists in Israel. All are outstanding senior stylists, winners of awards as World Europe and and Israel champions in hair styling. They all live and breathe fashion, and are connected both physically and emotionally, to a rich and endless burst of renewable inspiration, locally and worldwide, thereby creating unique collections and cutting techniques.

Course of Studies:

During the course you will study:

• Identifying the type and structure of the hair
• Distribution system, the structure of the skull and facial features.
• Cutting angles, use of thinning and cutting scissors.
• The first technique - recommended for long hair and curly hair
• The second technique - recommended for short to shoulder length hair
• The third, comprehensive technique teaches the principles of bob haircuts.
• Fourth technique, part A - all the asymmetric haircuts in the palm of your hand.
• Fourth technique, part B - all the geometric haircuts, including artistic coloring (three-dimensional, pixel, sandwich, etc.)
• The fifth technique - short haircuts, etc.


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Work with Clients and Practical Internship:

In the academic course for beginning hair stylists you are at the center of our activities. We provide you with a unique experience that mimics the work at leading salons, through the practice and implementation of consolation and cutting methods developed by Motie Rubin and the team at the Motie Rubin hairdressing school. The expertise and vast experience of the senior team help students implement the best and most correct possible manner, as we are committed to preparing our students for a successful career in the hair styling industry.

Work on Leading Fashion Stages:

Generally hair stylists do their work behind the scenes, to ensure that those who are in the spotlight look their best. This is not so at our Academy! It is no secret that the leading fashion and hair styling events in Israel are overseen by the Motie Rubin Academy. Therefore, the Motie Rubin Academy provides its students a rare opportunity to take part and experience fashion productions, exhibitions, conferences, photography competitions and to showcase their talents at large shows and fashion stages.

Benefits to students who register:

• A vibrant, dynamic and experiential place to study.
• Guaranteed positions at the Motie Rubin Salons for students who excel.
• A professional experience, students involved in fashion productions, television and exhibitions.

Career Upon Completion of Studies:

Many employers at salons and spas claim that the students of the Motie Rubin Academy are well prepared for positions at their establishments. That is the reason that our students often get excellent job offers at leading salons and spas and from there quickly advance to lead positions in the hair industry.

Motie Rubin Hairdressing Academy

Tel Aviv Academy
159 Yigal Alon st, Tel-Aviv
Tel 972 (0)3-6091515, Fax 972 (0)3-6092111

Haifa Academy
26 Hanviim st, Haifa
Tel 972 (0)4-8484063, Fax 972 (0)4-8484062



Course Information

Length of Course:
6 sessions of 3 academic hours each

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