With over 20 years of activity and the status of a leader in hair design, we have developed and become a world-renowned brand, synonymous with fashion, quality, and innovation. Passion that helped us make a name for ourselves in the fashion industry is now propelling the Academy's success one step before everyone else.

 In part due to the activities of the students and graduates of our Academy in Israel and in the world, we have garnered a great deal of prestige and important: “ People of the Year of Israel” 2005, Gold Cup winners “Wella Trend Vision Israel” in 2010-2011 and 2012, winners of the prestigious title of “Global Stylist Of The Year” Paris 2009-10, Israeli Champions 2011, Israel's recognition award for promoting the hair design field in Israel and more .

We always strive to foster and share the know-how we have acquired and developed over the years, with the next generation of hair stylists, makeup artists and nail artists.

We believe that education is the key to a professional and successful career and therefore our dedicated staff devised a broad spectrum of courses, in order to provide options for a wide variety of professional levels and types of studies.

Whether you chose hairstyling as a career and started your basic education with us and whether you are an experienced stylist looking to enrich your knowledge at the Motie Rubin Academy, you will learn unique and special methods developed for you in order to lead you off to a professional creative and personal way of thinking. The course options and philosophy that the studies at the Academy Motie Rubin are based on were developed in a form of a pyramid.

eginning of the pyramid - the start of basic studies in which you will learn to recognize the fundamentals, through work methods and through constant practice of these methods. We will develop the capabilities required of a professional hair stylist: a critical eye, a personal perception, skill, dexterity, knowledge of color, diagnostic abilities and more.

Middle of the pyramid - the practical stage, where you will practice and apply what you have learned so far. This stage is also where we will find different ways to sharpen your talent in order to streamline and improve the style of your work.

At the top of the pyramid - This is the stage where the magic comes into play --individual creativity, breaking boundaries and rules, because a new artistic concept has been burned into your DNA and is the time in which you are the creator! You develop new ways of thinking independently.

 We look forward to welcoming you at our academy,

 Good Luck!