Vision of Fashion Color Course

hair Color and chemistry Courses

express your talent in full technicolor!
In this advanced chemistry and hair-coloring course, we will learn the length and breadth of the basics of chemistry.
Recommended for hairdressers and those who want to enrich their knowledge of advanced hair coloring, the solving of coloring challenges and those who want to be in step with the latest fashion trends.

A comprehensive course that provides the means to improve your commercial coloring abilities such as: an introduction to the color pallets the various companies, diagnosing pigment issues, repair using antibodies, highlights and darkening, eliminating unwanted highlights/streaks and more.
Additionally, advanced co0lring and techniques such as balayage, ombré, 3D color), pixel hair color, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes and more.
Work with long, short and medium length hair cuts:

Duration of theoretical course:
5 sessions of 3 academic hours each
Duration of Practical course:
5 sessions of 3 academic hours each
Course schedule:
For Your choice - Practical or theoretical sessions 

Morning or evening track
Accreditation and Certification:
• A certificate from Motie Rubin Academy
• A certificate from Wella Professional Israel

From an understanding of the importance of creating a look that reflects a personal and unique style, have turned the study of advanced hair coloring into one of our flagship courses, with an exceptionally wide range of traditional coloring methods as highlights and streaks, alongside special coloring methods to complete the look such as balayage, ombré, three-dimensional, pixels and more. These can harmoniously complete your other salon services and merge seamlessly with the wealth of hairstyling services offered to your clients.

Course curriculum Visions of Fashion Colors:

As part of your theoretical and hand-on studies we will get to know and employ the following color techniques:
• Hair diagnosis - structure, pigment, ethnicity, layers of colors and client’s hair history
• Solving problems and challenges
• Available colors and natural hair colors
• The use of technical means for coloring hair
• Use of innovative methods and exposure to advanced techniques from the world of chemistry
• Use color and highlights from the World Championships
• Adjusting color to current fashions and the client’s personal style

All this and many more subjects based on the advanced study program at the Motie Rubin Academy.
You may contact us regarding any and all questions and for more details about this course by telephone or by filling out the attached form and one of our representatives will be happy to be at your service for all questions and issues.

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