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From Basics to Mastery: Finding the Best Hairdressing Education to Build Your Skills

Aspiring hairdressers looking to get their start in the beauty industry may consider enrolling in a hairdressing school. One such school is the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School, which offers comprehensive training and education to students who want to become professional hairdressers.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about going to a Motie Rubin Hairdressing School, including its history, curriculum, admission requirements, and career opportunities.

History of Motie Rubin Hairdressing School

The Motie Rubin Hairdressing School was established in 2003 by Motie Rubin, a renowned hairdresser and stylist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Rubin's passion for hairdressing and his desire to share his knowledge and skills with aspiring hairdressers led him to open the school.

Since its inception, the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School has been dedicated to providing quality education and training to its students. The school has trained numerous hairdressers who have gone on to successful careers in the beauty industry.

hairdressing Education

Curriculum at Motie Rubin Hairdressing School

The curriculum at Motie Rubin Hairdressing School is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of hairdressing techniques, styles, and trends. The program is divided into two parts: theory and practical training.

In the theory portion, students learn about the structure of hair, scalp analysis, and hair care. They also study the history of hairdressing, the different types of hair products and tools, and the principles of design and color theory.

The practical portion of the program focuses on hands-on training in various hairdressing techniques, such as cutting, coloring, styling, and chemical treatments. Students also learn about client consultation, sanitation, and safety practices in the salon.

Throughout the program, students are evaluated on their progress and performance, and they are given opportunities to practice their skills on real clients in a salon setting.

hairdressing Education

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School, students must meet certain requirements. First, they must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent. They must also have a passion for hairdressing and a desire to learn and grow in the industry.

Prospective students are required to submit an application and attend an interview with the admissions team. During the interview, students will be asked about their goals and aspirations in the beauty industry, as well as their previous experience and education.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School have a variety of career opportunities in the beauty industry. Many go on to work in salons, where they can specialize in cutting, coloring, styling, or other areas of hairdressing. Others may choose to start their own salons or work as freelance hairdressers. 

In addition to working in salons, hairdressers may also find work in other areas of the beauty industry, such as film, television, and theater. They may also work for beauty product companies or as educators in hairdressing schools.


Going to a hairdressing school like the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School can be a great way to jumpstart your career in the beauty industry. With a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and opportunities to practice your skills on real clients, you can gain the knowledge and experience you need to succeed as a professional hairdresser.

Whether you want to work in a salon, start your own business, or pursue other opportunities in the beauty industry, the skills you learn at Motie Rubin Hairdressing School can help you achieve your goals. So if you have a passion for hairdressing and a desire to learn and grow in the industry, consider applying to the Motie Rubin Hairdressing School today.

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